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Resident Evil Apocalypse (R.E. 2) Raises Bar for Video Game Films


Though the trend of what most critics refer to as “video game movies” produces a lot of garbage, that is, films with minimal storylines on painfully low budgets, Resident Evil once again raised the bar in both that genre and the often-ridiculed “zombie film” genre as well with the introduction of this film in September of 2004.
It has become the target of incredible amounts of harsh and seemingly unfounded criticism though, especially in the light of the fact that it achieved the highest amount of box-office sales among films in theater at that time and managed to hold that position through the week. It has been called everything from “an utterly meaningless waste of time”, to “Resident Evil: Atrocity” by numerous “professional” reviewers.

In the opinion of this reviewer, however, they’ve overlooked that fact that in its own right, Apocalypse is a great film that caters to a generation hungry for “fan service,” not stuffy, moral-ridden storylines that do little more than make father proud and mother cry.

In all honesty, Resident Evil: Apocalypse was a far better film than I expected to see. After watching the first movie, the idea of a sequel seemed almost nauseating, as the second installment in a series is, seemingly by default, worse. Luckily, as in the case of Aliens, Terminator 2, and Shrek 2, there are exceptions to this rule and Apocalypse is most definitely one of those. The storyline is innovative, the soundtrack is all that could be asked for, and even perhaps more.


The cinematography is both heavenly and disturbingly realistic at the same time, and the cast is both experienced and quite photogenic. Milla Jovovich delivers a stunning performance as Alice, outshined only by the suave and sexy Sienna Guillory in her role as S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine.

Complimented by the talents of both British actor Jared Harris and Israeli-born actor Oded Fehr, as well as the appearance of Resident Evil 3’s (the game, not another sequel… yet!) own “Nemesis”, a genetically engineered killing machine that director Alexander Witt managed to capture in utterly breathtaking accuracy down to the last detail, the film is severely underrated by the mainstream news media and begs for mercy in the form of a decent review.

In comparison to the first film, this piece was phenomenal; sure, the rotten zombies rising from centuries old graves was corny and went against the film’s original premise of semi-realism, Alice’s bike-ride through the church window reeked of Terminator II, and “LJ’s” almost stereotypical actions were far less than impressive, but in all, they were small prices to pay for what amounted to a greater whole and a decent, if not impressive contribution to an under appreciated market.

Rating: B+
This film is rated R

Fact or Fiction: Video Games Addiction

From time to time, one hears someone uttering, “I am really addicted to…” This type of personal admission reveals that person’s formal consent of his excessive behavior. But the real fact is that he isn’t actually addicted. A real addict can’t do any functional activity unless he gets the substance for his addiction. Our children increasingly spend countless hours in front of TV or playing games. A child spending many hours playing video games, is he considered as an addict? Yes, video game addiction is real.

Researchers have not yet been able to determine the biological side of video game addiction. What researchers have ascertained is that when a person gambles his dopamine level is elevated. What is dopamine? The body produces dopamine and works on a calm one making you feel better. Games and gambling have been put in the same category by most researchers. Further, they add that a psychological response is also reacted. A video game player gets a good escape from his real life and usually chooses whatever character he likes during his playing. Accordingly, he gets a sense of control while playing. This control is an important explanation to why children are so easily addicted to video games. Video games addiction requires proper handling from parents.


We all recall our distant memories of the teen period, when we all were aspiring to control our lives and start making our own decisions. Yet as adults, we weren’t able to reach the best decisions ourselves. But at that age we all thought we would and could. These video games provide children with ability to make their decisions. However, video games are not bad in themselves. A lot of people normally play them without encountering the least problems. And spending many hours playing is not an addiction itself. It becomes an addiction whenever reality is lost and the video game player becomes obsessed with it. Video games addiction is a threat to your children.

Socializing is directly affected by your child’s extensive playing hours. No direct contact with kids of his age is the norm of the day for such a child. Also, the child might miss doing his school homework. Again, he has less time for practicing any sports. Moreover, all these are key elements of a normal childhood development for any child. The prospect of having a 22-year adult with the mentality of a 10-year child persists. Also, he might not be able to communicate effectively with adults of his age. Video games addiction gives you an obsessed child.

You have to answer some questions before knowing whether your child is addicted or not. Is his mind busily reflecting some video games actions while doing other activities? Is the number of hours of your child’s game playing increasing? Is he playing video games to escape from something in his life? Does he tell you the truth regarding his playing hours? Is he upset if being stopped from playing video games? If your answers are mostly yes, then that is clear indicator of what could become a serious problem and your child could be on his way to having an addiction of video games. Thus professional advice is highly recommended.


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